Making Over My Mornings: Day 1

Today marked the start of the “Making Over My Mornings” challenge that I signed up for. If you missed that you can read more about it over here.

I had grand intentions of waking up before the rest of the house and getting started bright and early.
Road block #1: I didn’t get to bed until almost midnight (not that I was all that surprised. Midnight tends to be a standard bed time for me lately)

Road block #2: It is really hard to get up “on time” when you forget to turn your alarm on. Then you find yourself jumping out of bed like a crazy person because you over slept and life is starting out all around you.

So things didn’t get started as smoothly as I would have liked. But that didn’t stop me from diving in. I took the time to get the kids some breakfast, figure out what Dusty’s plan for the morning was, start some laundry, and sorta got the kitchen cleaned up. Once the kids were settled down with food and TV entertainment I sat down to get started.

So here are the details of how this thing works:

It starts out with a 3 to 5 minute video where Crystal (the author and creator of this program) lays out the purpose of that particular day. Today’s topic: “Why Are We Doing This, Anyway?”  She explains that the purpose of the course isn’t to turn us all into robots getting up before the sun. The purpose is to help teach and train us on how to use the early hours of our day in the most productive way possible so that we feel ahead of the game rather than feeling like we are doing nothing but putting out fire after fire until we crash into bed ready to do it all again the next day.

My planner, Bible, work book, and Hot Tea (yay caffeine!)

Once you finish the video there is a short lesson of sorts to read through in the work book she has provided. You can either download and read the work book from your phone, tablet, or computer. Or
you can do like I did and print out the whole thing. (I like paper, and being able to take notes right where I am reading)

At then end of the chapter in your workbook there is a “Project” for that day.

Hubby snapped this of me trying
to concentrate. Don’t mind the crazy
hair please!

Today’s project: Make a set time to go through the course each day and commit to it. I made the decision I want to try and get through the 15 minutes it takes for this at 7:00 AM. Dusty should be off to work, the two little ones I watch during the day won’t be here yet, and my two kiddos usually aren’t up yet.  I am aware that life happens and I probably won’t hit that everyday but hopefully I can get there most of the days.

The second part of today’s project was to tell someone what I decided on my time and commitment. First I told my husband, since I will need his support on going to bed at a decent hour and getting up
on time. Second, I told the Facebook group I am part of that is going through this challenge. And now, I am telling all of you out there who might read this blog.

Once I finished with that I took a few quick seconds to get into my devotional and journaling while everyone was still occupied. I am reading though The Prayer of Jabez Devotional by Bruce Wilkinson. So far I am really getting a lot out of it but that is for another post at another time!

I am taking time during my morning devotions to write out my prayers. I am also leaving space to keep track of what answers may come from those prayers. I have always prayed for certain things but very rarely do I have any way to go back and see EXACTLY how God answered those prayers. I am looking forward to seeing in a more tangible way how God responds to the requests I make know.

So there you have day 1 of me trying to make over my mornings!

Do you have a set time you like to read your Bible and pray? Are you going through any type of guided Bible study or devotion? Or do you just open the Bible and read?


2 thoughts on “Making Over My Mornings: Day 1”

  1. Just stopping by! I finally bought the Make over your Mornings course and thought about you! Wanted to let you know I was following your posts for motivation! Sorry if this double posted it seemed to post then it was gone… but anyhow, hope you're doing well!-Your Seminary wife friend on the other side of the states 🙂


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