A Different Take on Paul

Woman Hater
Male Chauvinist
All of these are terms that I have heard attributed to the Apostl Paul over the years. And for a long time I found myself agreeing with that thought path.  That was until I walked into my very first class in August of 2012 at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.
As soon as my teacher started on the topics we would be discussing I immediately thought “Here we go. An entire semester about how I’m supposed to be silent and submissive.”
I prepared myself to listen politely and try really hard to not roll my eyes every few minutes.
Then I really began to listen and read the context of the passages. I began to really see the respect and admiration that Paul had for women. The love he displayed.
I know your probably thinking I’m crazy but it’s true.Paul shares and describes a beautiful picture of love for women just as Christ sees is. The relationship husbands and wives are to called to have should convey the beautiful picture of the trinity.
In the next few posts I’m going to share some of the things I learned when it comes to some of the passages that are seen as controversial. I hope I will be able to shed a diffent light on these passages.


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