I don’t own a blender…


Now, I know what your thinking..

“How can this be?”
“Didn’t you get 3 when you got married?”
“How do you blend things with out a blender?”

Well the answer is…..I don’t. And up until now that was just fine with me. However, recently I have come across several recipes that I would love to try. But I can’t. Because I can’t blend the ingredients.

The most recent is this Salsa. I’m not a big salsa eater but Dusty is and I figured that if I could find something he would like I could make it here from scratch and try to save us some money.  But I can’t blend the ingredients.

I have also seen a lot of people talking about juicing and smoothie type diets. Again something I think I would like to try for myself. But I CAN’T.

So in short what I am saying is: I guess I need to buy myself a blender for my birthday.


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