Thankfulness Garland

During the month of November I decided I really wanted some fall decorations up in the house. Now that I have a house worth decorating I wanted to try. But, unfortunately, living on a Seminary budget doesn’t really allow me the freedom to run down to the closest Garden Ridge or Hobby Lobby and just start whipping out decorations. So I had to get creative.

In the process I was searching through Pinterest when I came across a cute little tutorial for a Thankfulness garland that Collin could help me with.

It was really simple. I started with brown paper bags. And since I like to shop at Sprouts I was able to get those when I went grocery shopping instead of plastic bags.

From there I just traced several fall leave patterns onto the bag. I then let Collin color on the paper bags. When he decided he was done coloring I cut out the leaves. I glued them onto a long  piece of ribbon and hung it up on the wall.

On different paper I cut out more leaf shapes that we wrote each day something we were thankful on. I then attached that to the garland. It was kinda the same principle of the Thankfulness posts on facebook but this was for my little piece of the world. I liked having the reminder there every time I walked into the livingroom that I had so much to be thankful for.

Here are a few pics of how it turned out


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