The Principle of Being Economical

Budget.I'll be honest, that is a word that I have never really been a HUGE fan of. Sure I went through the process of learning what a budget is and how to use one in high school (well, I actually learned about it in middle school but that was more of a happy accident due… Continue reading The Principle of Being Economical


The Principle of Being Trustworthy

Turn on the Television and you will see show after show all about couples seeing the need to hire individuals to follow and take notes on their spouse's daily activities. There are hidden cameras placed through out homes and offices, secret apps installed on technological devices to gain access to social media accounts and communication… Continue reading The Principle of Being Trustworthy


Lessons Learned From the First 14 Chapters of Joshua

At the beginning of this year I made the decision that my "word of the year" was going to be consistency. I wanted to spend this year being consistent in my parenting, my exercising, my education, my writing, and in my daily Bible study and prayer.While I haven't really managed to be all that consistent… Continue reading Lessons Learned From the First 14 Chapters of Joshua