Introduction to 1 Kings

One of the areas that I really decided I needed to take some time to develop and focus for 2019 is my Spiritual Disciplines. This includes things like Bible reading, prayer, and Scripture memory. I did really well with this in January and then in February it kinda fell by the wayside. So at the… Continue reading Introduction to 1 Kings

Perfectionist Confessions

Mom Guilt 101

Last week as I walked out of work on Thursday afternoon I breathed in a deep sigh of relief knowing that I would be getting a full 4 days or not being at work. Don't get me wrong, I truly enjoy my job, but knowing that I had a few days to get some things… Continue reading Mom Guilt 101

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Our Unconventional Homeschool

Homeschooling. Miriam-Webster defines "home school" as to teach school subjects to one's children at home For some people this looks like taking a traditional classroom setting and simply recreating it at home. The desks, the chalkboard, the lesson books and work sheets all done just like they would be in a 4 walled school with… Continue reading Our Unconventional Homeschool

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Developing Spiritual Disciplines

Happy Wednesday! Can you believe we have made it through the first few days of the new year? Here we are starting the first full week of 2019. Last week when I shared my goals for 2019 the first area I mentioned one of the main areas I need to focus on this year is developing my… Continue reading Developing Spiritual Disciplines

Goal Setting

Setting Goals for 2019

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! To be honest I am really shocked at how quickly and yet how slowly 2018 went by. The year as a whole was hard. For my family it started in a valley and it really took until about the middle of the year before we even started to climb back up to… Continue reading Setting Goals for 2019