Married and Replanting Ep. 008: Relating to Relationships

Photo by Tim Marshall on Unsplash

Relationships are tricky.

1 Peter 4:8 reminds us that we are to love each other deeply because love covers a multitude of sins. This can be an easy to do on some days and the hardest thing on the planet on others.

Relationships come in all different shapes and sizes as well. There are our friendships, our dating and marriage relationships, the relationships between parents and children, and then the whole extended family that often come into play. We have relationships with the people we see each day at work or within our hobbies and organizations. And there are the people we see in our church.

As ministry leaders navigating these relationships can be very tricky. How close do you get to the members of your congregation? Is it realistic to call them your friends or is it best to keep everyone at an arms length? Who do you turn to when things get rough and you just need a place to vent and get some perspective? These are all questions that everyone in any form of ministry leadership role have to answer.

This week Dusty and I sit down to discuss how we have navigated those tricky waters in the past and how we are coming at them now in our current ministry. We talk about how we relate to each other within our marriage and parenting, what ministry looks like for us today in such a small congregation, and we even talk a bit about what it’s like to be the pastor to your parents or in-laws.

While everyone has to come to their relationships on their own and navigate those waters in their own hearts and minds with the people they are around we hope that this episode brings some perspective and encouragement. So grab a cup of coffee, a glass of tea, your favorite bottle of root beer, or whatever else suits your fancy and join us for our conversation about relating to relationships.

Ep. 024: Setting Healthy Boundaries The Married and Replanting Podcast

People are relational. That is how we are created, but sometimes it is necessary to set boundaries in order to ensure safe, healthy interactions. The problem is sometimes it can be really difficult to know when and where to set those healthy boundaries. This week Dusty and Elizabeth talk about the importance of setting boundaries both in your marriage and in the ministry. They talk about some of the pitfalls to avoid while doing so also. Setting boundaries isn't always the easiest thing to do but when it is done well and with a loving heart and mind set everyone benefits in the long run. Grab a cup of coffee or tea and join us as we discuss setting healthy boundaries in all the areas of our lives. Have a question about church replanting, marriage, or just life in general? Want to share a comment about how we are doing or things you would like to hear on the podcast? Send us a message, leave a note on our social media feeds, or leave a rating and review and we would love to discuss the things that will most benefit you in your marriage and ministry.  Follow us on all our social media platforms to be sure you never miss a new episode.Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MarriedandReplantingTwitter: https://twitter.com/RpodcastM
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