Married and Replanting Episode 005: Are You Mistaken?

Mistakes are inevitable. As long as we are all living on this side of heaven we will make mistakes. Sometimes they are big, ugly, life changing mistakes. Sometimes they are smaller mistakes like getting dates and times for assignment due dates confused leading to a few missed assignments.

No matter what, in marriage or in ministry, mistakes are going to be made. The question that is often asked is “What are you going to do now?” While mistakes are made often what is more important is how we respond to those mistakes. Are we willing to own up to those mistakes, say “I’m Sorry” and learn from them? Or do we point fingers, place blame, and ultimately make things worse?

This week Dusty and I dive into this topic and talk about how we have made mistakes in ministry and in marriage and what we have done about those mistakes over time.

Take a listen and let me know how you have handled making and recovering from mistakes.

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Ep. 029: Creating an Evangelistic Culture The Married and Replanting Podcast

Everyone who has placed their faith in Jesus Christ is called to spread the message of hope and salvation that He brings. However, for a lot of people this is a daunting task. Evangelism often triggers nervousness, fear, and anxiety in people. This week Dusty and Elizabeth share some thoughts on how they have worked to create a culture of evangelism in their home and family as well as how they are working to lead the congregation they serve in to be more evangelistic. They share some ideas on making it a family affair and some ideas for providing tools to those around you to better share the gospel message.  Grab a cup of coffee or tea, and join us as we discuss ways to engage in sharing the gospel in your family, church, and community.    Resources mentioned in today's episode are: When Sinners Say I Do by Dave Harvey Have a question about church replanting, marriage, or just life in general? Want to share a comment about how we are doing or things you would like to hear on the podcast? Send us a message, leave a note on our social media feeds, or leave a rating and review and we would love to discuss the things that will most benefit you in your marriage and ministry.    Follow us on all our social media platforms to be sure you never miss a new episode. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MarriedandReplanting Twitter: https://twitter.com/RpodcastM  
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