What We Are Reading This Fall

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As soon as school goes back in session for all those who are in school people seem to begin to shift into the “Fall” mentality, even though fall doesn’t officially begin until the middle of September. It has always been a funny thing to me the way that the seasons have one timeline but we as human beings, and for the most part I feel like , Americans have created our own timelines based on events happening in our lives.

So, with the thought that we are fully launching into fall now I thought I would take a moment to highlight some of what we here at Mars Hall Legacy Academy and the Marshall Household are reading this fall.

What I Am Reading

This fall I have some semi-lofty reading goals. Back at the beginning of 2020 I set a good reads goal of reading 26 books this year. So far I have completed 16. Here’s the catch: A handful of those books are the books I have been reading aloud to the kid for school. While I will still count those books on my reading list because I AM reading most of them for the first time right along with them my goal is to read the 2 to 2.5 books per month from my own reading list. So here are some of the books I hope to get read over the course of the next couple of months:

  • Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow
  • The First Dragon by James. A. Owen
  • How to Teach Your Children Shakespeare by Ken Ludwig
  • Recovering From Biblical Manhood and Womanhood by Aimee Byrd
  • The Wright 3 by Blue Balliett, Brett Helquist
  • Women Leading Women by Terri Stoval, Jaye Martin
  • Teaching From Rest by Sarah Mackenzie

What is Dad Reading

Dusty will be the first to admit that he hasn’t always been the most avid reader, unless it was comic books that is. However, in his adult years he has become more of a reader which makes me very happy. Generally the books you will find Dusty reading are theologically centered and are often times either required readings for classes he is taking, a book he is reading through and discussing with is mentor, or books that are going to help with sermon development. Here is a list of books Dusty is currently reading:

  • Dangerous Prayers by Craig Groeschel
  • Various Commentaries on John
  • Spiritual Leadership by J. Oswald Sanders

What Are The Big Kids Reading

I love that both of the bigger kids are at a point where they can not only read on their own they enjoy it. While RaeLynn is still on some shaky ground when it comes to reading independently she is getting better and better everyday. Collin uses his reading skills in a variety of ways but usually his favorite is on his video games. However, they do get the opportunity to still check out books from the library every couple of weeks or so. Currently these are the books they are enjoying on their own:


  • Captain Underpants
  • Adventures of DogMan
  • Captain Awesome
  • Trapped in a Video Game
  • Skylanders


  • Elephant and Piggie Books
  • Amelia Bedelia Books
  • Pinkalicious Books

What Is Madilynn Listening To?

Madilynn just turned 3! Can anyone believe it? I can’t either. So she isn’t reading on her own yet but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t enjoy books. She absolutely loves it when someone will take the time to sit down and read a story or two to her. Here are a list of books Madilynn has been enjoying lately:

  • Anything by Eric Carle. (She really enjoys the rainbow art work that is so prevalent in his style)
  • Princess Books
  • If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

What Are We Reading Aloud

Just because most of the people in our household can and do read on their own that does not by any stretch of the imagination mean that we have given up the classic exercise of reading aloud. We absolutely LOVE read aloud time and make sure it happens everyday when we can. Of course there are some days it just doesn’t work out but for the most part we are always squeezing in a bit of read aloud. One time that we really dedicate to read aloud is bedtime. One of the fun things we have been doing is alternating between Mom and Dad reading each night. This means the kids are being read several different books all at the same time. Here is a list of some of the books or series we are currently reading aloud:

  • Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone
  • Max Einstein
  • Percy Jackson Series (We are actually listening to this one on audiobook)
  • Knights of Arrethtrae Series

So there you have it. I love that we are becoming a family culture that is centered around books. That really is thanks in part to the fact that I just love reading and always have and in part to my discovered of the wonderful work done by Sarah Mackenzie on her blog and podcast at

I would love to know what you are reading during this season of being home and slowing down (at least maybe a little bit still). I am always looking for good recommendations so drop a thought in the comments. And check back on Wednesday to find out what is happening on the Married and Replanting Podcast.


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