This Week In Review


My whole week was paved with good intentions. Unfortunately, none of those good intentions were actually accomplished. It truly felt like every time I took one step forward life pushed me backward at least two steps.

This week’s topic in the Rest and Release Bible Study was focusing on God bringing beauty, friendship, fatherhood, and love into our lives. Each day focused on another aspect of God’s love and beauty in the world.

I found that this week in particular that I needed the constant reminder that God is always around, always with me, always protecting and guiding me.

With that in mind I realized I needed to take a moment to see the good things that took place over the week instead of thinking about all the things that went wrong. So here we go:

Monday Collin was able to attend his art class and come home COVERED in black paint. He had the biggest smile on his face and said that class was awesome. I am super excited that he is enjoying the class. We also had a wonderful home group Bible study that evening. We even had a new attendee. It was good to see him again since he had been working out of state.

Tuesday we drove Dusty to work. First we stopped as a family and did some grocery shopping and then enjoyed an early lunch together. Once we got home from that little trip we got a bit of school work done. The rest of the afternoon went less than smoothly but we all had full bellies and warm bodies by the time we went to bed.

Wednesday I had the opportunity to enjoy lunch with some other seminary wives. The kids had a great time getting to play with friends and I had conversation with other adults. Then I went on to teach my weekly sewing class. The girls I get to work with are wonderful and I truly enjoy spending time with them each week.

Thursday was the rough day for me. This was the day that it felt like everything was going wrong. I am sure that much of it has to do with exhaustion but that isn’t an excuse for the way that I found myself reacting to my children. The bright side is that they forgave me and we were able to move on with our lives. Another high note was that I had the opportunity to play with my new phone.

This day was exciting. I attended a hand lettering workshop where I learned the techniques that I have been puzzling over on Pinterest for a while now. I also spent a bit more time with some ladies here at the Seminary during the monthly “Porch Days” meeting at the Horner Homemaking House. The afternoon and evening were also fun while I played around with the new things I had learned and finished up a new sign for the house. I also received a beautiful gift from a friend right when I needed it.

Today I cleaned the church while also supporting the fundraiser trip to Rio. I picked up 7 photo frames and I have used them to redecorate the kitchen wall. The kids got to spend time relaxing and playing at home and I Madilynn spent a bit more time playing and being awake than she has so far. And now here I am sharing this all with you.

It’s easy to see how when we get caught up in the moment we can forget the good things that are going on in our lives. However, when we step back and evaluate everything we can notice that life really isn’t all that hard or bad.

Have you ever had a week that just seemed like nothing every goes right? How did you over come that struggle?


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