Recapturing My Daily Routines

It is Monday again.

And the beginning of Thanksgiving week. Which means that I don’t have school for the next 10 days (I only have classes on Wednesdays so I have a few extra days of ‘break’) With these days that aren’t filled up with the hustle and bustle of getting to and from classes and no assignments due this week I am taking this opportunity to take back my daily routines.

I am a routine person. I am a planner and tend to live my by schedule and my calendar. However, being knee deep in homework assignments, presentations, lectures, and reading topped off with meal planning and prepping, laundry, daily cleaning, and homeschooling children my routines have gotten a bit off track.

But this week I am determined to get things back running smoothly as I push through the last few weeks of the semester.

So what does a weekly routine look like here?

I have read several blogs lately about really crafting a weekly routine and sticking to it to make it work for your family. Most of them have specific days designated to errands, cleaning, meal prepping, and various aspects of their lives. I have a similar situation but it varies just a bit.

Cleaning Schedule

Cleaning is something that, in reality, happens every day. But DEEP cleaning is something I have found really needs to be broken down. I know there are some out there that have one day a week that is set aside just for deep cleaning but I burn out too quickly for that to work. So here is how I have broken down my cleaning schedule:

Monday~Kitchen Day
The kitchen is my happy place. I love being in the kitchen. I love cooking, baking, and creating in the kitchen all the time. I truly feel like the kitchen is the heartbeat of the home. So I like to start my week out in my favorite room.

This is the time I really scrub my counters, wipe down all surfaces, clean out the fridge and prepare myself for the rest of the week. I also use this day and time to wipe down the walls, doors, and mop the floor.

The second day of the week is devoted to cleaning the second most used room in the house. There was a time when we were having our weekly Bible study on Monday so Mon and Tues were switched but now that we have moved our study to another day of the week I have readjusted. On Tuesdays I dust the surfaces, clean off the bookshelves that have gathered various toys and things that don’t belong. I straighten the DVD shelf and move the recliners to clean and vacuum underneath them (except my vacuum just died so now I just sweep the carpet. )

The kids tend to like this day because they get to spend more time outside so I can get that room really clean.  Because we spend a lot of time in there it gets straightened up most days so deep cleaning that room doesn’t really take long.

I am usually pretty busy on Wednesdays with classes all morning and one short class in the afternoon. So I tend to focus on cleaning the bathrooms that day since they are small and don’t take a lot of time. Trash goes out, toilet, sink, and tub (in the upstairs) gets scrubbed and the mats on the floor get either washed or shaken out. I also sweep, and get any clothes that have piled up in there put in the right places.

Thursday~Kids Bedroom
The kids room takes SO VERY LONG most weeks. This is usually because I try to take the time to sort through their clothes and toys to get rid of anything that doesn’t fit anymore or is broken. Then everything has to get put back where it goes. Add to it that they are usually helping me out with the process it takes some time. It’s for this reason that have to tackle this feat on the one day I don’t have to leave my house. So Thursday it is.

Friday~Master Bedroom
Friday is usually reserved for cleaning up the Master Bedroom. I left this room for last because, honestly, it is the least used room in the house so it takes a bit longer for it to get messed up. We mostly just sleep and change clothes in there. And with our hectic schedules there is very little sleep that actually takes place. I spend time in there straightening up the desk and book shelves, organizing the closet and drawers, and gathering up any trash. Friday tends to be my errand day since I have to go out of the house for gymnastics 2 different times. I tend to use this day as grocery day as well.

Saturday and Sunday
These two days are so jam packed that little gets handled in the home. When we do have a Saturday at home I try to make sure the cars get cleaned out, but that is a very rare occasion. Spending time out doing things with the family or taking care of the responsibilities at the church happen on the weekends . If I can make it work I also like to use Saturday as meal prep day and get everything set for the coming week.

Daily Activities
Laundry and general straightening are tasks that take place everyday. I am still working on getting caught up on the mountain of laundry that managed to pile up however once I get things handled this is the schedule that I plan to follow:

Monday: Dusty clothes
Tuesday: Collin clothes
Wednesday: RaeLynn Clothes
Thursday: My clothes
Friday: Towels
Saturday: Bed Sheets
Sunday: Laundry rest day.

The routines aren’t perfect and I know that as my semesters ebb and flow I will have to adjust things and make changes but I know that as long as I can get a basic routine down again changing up the days of which room gets the most attention will be a fairly simple task.  I also think that by getting this routine in order it will make things easy for getting the kids involved, taking the work load off of myself somewhat.

I have also JUST started listening to The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up on Audible and it is already changing the way I am thinking about how I view my ‘things’.  For a while now I have been just feeling smothered by all the material things we have in our house. From clothes to books to toys and any number of other things I have just felt like we have too much but I haven’t really known how to go about really getting rid of or letting go of things. I really feel like this book with all the practical information I am already finding in it is going to really help me to laser focus in on what I need to do to find peace and joy in my home. I am truly looking forward to the long break between the semesters so that I can get on to the business of KonMari within my home!

How do you get things done? Do you have a regular routine?


1 thought on “Recapturing My Daily Routines”

  1. Ohhh how easy it is to fall out of routine! The holidays make it difficult too! Here's to a new year and making my routine work again lol! Hope yours is going well, as well a school!


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