Introducing: What’s Rockin My Socks Off

I recently started following a blogger by the name of Stacy. She blogs at Humorous Homemaking and I have just fallen IN LOVE with her.

She is funny (hence the title “Humorous Homemaking), real, and give WONDERFUL  advice, tips and trick for mastering all things homemaking. She doesn’t claim to be an expert she just simply shares what is working for her and how we can try those things out in our own homes.

She is also very active on Periscope (a live video sharing platform provided by the people responsible for Twitter) and she has recently started sharing live videos on Facebook Live.

One of the differences between Periscope and Facebook Live is that it takes a bit more time for people to get the notification that she is sharing on Facebook. So in order to combat that and not have to repeat the purpose of the content over and over again she has started her Facebook Live videos with a little segment she calls “What’s Rockin My Face Off”

What is “What’s Rockin My Face Off”

This is simply something that she uses in her own personal life that she just really loves. She has shared hair accessories, baby accessories (she is a mamma as well), homemaking resources, and several other things. She takes a few minutes to talk about what is rockin her face off before she jumps into the meat of the topic for the day.

The first time she did this I LOVED it. I love knowing what others are using in their life to make things just a little bit easier, pretty, or functional. So I decided that I am going to be incorporating that here on the blog.

 Every other Friday I will be sharing “What is Rockin MY Socks Off” with all of you and I hope you find it to be enjoyable just as much as I do. Or maybe not. I say that rocks my socks off often so I thought I would go with that instead of “face”.

What is Rockin My Socks Off This Week

This week what is rockin my socks off is Periscope. I have not ever really gotten into the whole Twitter thing but I am really enjoying Periscope. 

What is Periscope?

Periscope is a social media platform that allows the user to “go live” and broadcast whatever they would like to the world. Broadcasters can also interact with viewers through comments and likes.

How Periscope Works

The first thing you have to do to use Periscope is download the app. It is available for both iOS and Android devices and can be found in the app store for your respective device. And its free, so that’s a bonus.
Once the app is downloaded you will be asked to sign in. If you don’t have a twitter handle that’s fine you can use a phone number but it is recommended to use a twitter handle for optimum social interaction.
Once you are logged in you will a home screen which shows you a list of the people you “follow” who are currently live as well as a list of recently live posts that you can replay.
You can then see who else is live all around the world, or broadcast your own video. There is also an option to search for and follow other broadcasters.
When you decided to view a broadcast there are 2 ways you can interact with the broadcaster. One way is to type in a comment. These comments then pop up on the screen where everyone can read them. Often times the person broadcasting will be following those comments and will respond. I really like this part because it is like you can almost have a conversation with the broadcaster.  Viewers can also show their approval of the broadcast by tapping on the right side of the screen. Little hearts will appear. The more hearts the more people like the broadcast. There is also a little counter that displays how many people are viewing the broadcast.
I haven’t crossed over into the realm of broadcasting my own shows yet but I have considered trying it out. 
So that is what is rocking my socks off this week.

Have you tried Periscope? Who do you like to follow if you have?


2 thoughts on “Introducing: What’s Rockin My Socks Off”

  1. I haven't tried periscope yet. I dintend even know what I'd have to talk about lol. But I definitely learned more about how it works from your post so thank you!


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