Guard Your Quiet Time

Monday night last week I was blessed to be able to attend a welcome dinner for all women associated with Southwestern. Students, Student wives, Faculty, and Faculty wives all gathered together in one large room and had the opportunity to sit, eat, and fellowship. Old friends were brought back together after a long summer apart and new relationships began to be forged. The buzz of conversation was electric and the smiles through-out the room lit up everyone’s face.

After a time of food and fellowship there came a time of introduction to the various amenities afforded to women of all stages of life on the Southwestern campus.Professors, Organization leaders, and faculty wives all took some time to stand up and share with the women how they can get plugged in and involved during their time at the seminary. The evening ended with Mrs. Dorothy Kelley Patterson, First Lady of the Seminary, sharing a bit from her heart about how pleased she is to see the women’s programs growing the way they have over the course of her time at Southwestern.

Throughout the night a running theme was that no matter what is going on be it classes, jobs, educating or transporting children, or supporting a spouse the most important thing to remember during this time at Seminary is to guard your time with the Lord.

We live in a place where deep theological discussion takes place like every day conversation. Academics are the name of the game when it comes to the happenings around here. However, it is not hard to find a person who is spiritually dry. We as students pour into our studies. We read the Bible as another homework assignment looking not for the food God wants us to be nourished on but rather for the answers for the upcoming reading quiz.

But the biggest piece of advice given by all the wonderful women who got up to speak was

Guard Your Quiet Time with the Lord.

For me, this is an area that I hate to say I lack in. I have fallen into the trap of reading for the assignment at hand but not for the assignment given by God. And this is an area I want to improve in.  With the start of the new semester on us here are a few ways I am working toward guarding my time with the Lord.

Getting up a little bit earlier.

This semester I will be taking 2 early morning classes. That means getting up early will be a necessity. By getting up just a bit earlier than I would normally do I can spend just a few extra minutes reading my Bible and start my day off in prayer. This way my family will be able to reap the benefits of the lessons God is teaching me.

Going to bed a little bit earlier.

If I am going to be getting up earlier then it would stand to reason I need to be going to bed a little bit earlier. This means being more intentional with my evening time and making sure that I have my schedules set to be a bit more consistent.

Following a sound Study for Guidance.

There are some people who are really good about just sitting down and opening up their Bible and reading. They read until something stands out to them and then they stop and meditate on that stand out passage. It could be 3 verses or it could be 3 chapters but at some point God shows them what they need to know for that day. I am not one of those people. I need guidance and direction.
Lately, I have been following along with the Women Living Well/Good Morning Girls Studies. This helps me to know what to read and helps me to know what I am to be looking for. When I have the accountability that comes with the different Facebook groups I can get involved in I look forward to diving into my Bible Study each day.

Being gracious with myself.

Life happens and sometimes its messy. This means that some times I might not manage to get to my reading that day. But as long as I know that my Jesus loves me that is really what matters the most anyway isn’t it?

How do you guard your time with the Lord?


4 thoughts on “Guard Your Quiet Time”

  1. I have learned to guard my tie with God by following the advice you've presented here, and being very firm with people who try to interrupt my time. I turn off my cell phone. I put on worship music and spend time in worship that way. I pray, and I read. I do not allow interruptions of any sort. Not even if the house were to be on fire 😉


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