A not so minimal minimalist lifestyle

Just a couple of months ago I did a MAJOR de-cluttering job on my home. The amount of stuff I took out of this house to me was unreal. I just couldn’t believe that we had that much junk and trash living in our small seminary townhouse.

The process of de-cluttering has caused us to really reevaluate how we are living and they types of things we allow into our home. Along with that we also took some time to evaluate the way we are utilizing the rooms in our house. The more I looked at the lay out of each room and the furniture we we have in each room I made a decision that we could do better and make our home more efficient.

Here is how we did that:


The kitchen can’t and hasn’t really changed much. The best part of this room is that our kitchen table has SO much potential. The table can go from a small 2 person table top to 7 feet long with enough room for 8 or more people to sit around it. That means during the day when we aren’t needing it I can fold it up and leave the kitchen open for movement. When it is just the 4 of us we raise up on leaf and make room for the whole family to sit at the table together for dinner. And when we have company we can make sure there is room at the table for everyone.

I try to keep the counters as clean and clutter free as possible as well. Not always an easy task


In the livingroom we also house our library. This means there are a few more things in here than I would like. However, we have managed to make it work for there to be plenty of open floor space for us to move around in each day. By taking the couch out (more on that to come in a minute) and just having a few recliners and my favorite chair there is a lot more space. We have camp chairs and other seating options for when we have friends and family over. 
The president of the seminary says we need to have at least 1500 books in our
personal library by the time we leave seminary. I think we are well on our way.

A new recliner will be added into this mix in the next day or two.

Master Bedroom

This is the room that has made the most drastic transformation. You see, normally I do all my writing and homework at the kitchen table. This means that I have to constantly have to pick up and get back out my work when it comes time for meals. That makes getting much done on a consistent basis challenging. That was when I decided I really wanted to do something to make my bedroom more like an office during the day so that I can work up there and be able to get more done while still leaving the table free for family meals. The decision was made to break down our bed, frame and all and take it out of our bedroom. We then moved the couch upstairs. This couch happens to have a pull out bed in it. This means that during the day the bed is tucked away nicely and the room is used and an office and a school room. At night we pull the bed out and sleep soundly. So far we are loving the arrangement.

The thing we have realized is that no matter how little you have its really all about how you choose to use the space you have. 

The kids room will be done next but first we have to get through some big events at the end of July! Stay tuned to see how we maximize the space in that room as well. 
Thanks for stopping by!

How do you maximize your space? 


2 thoughts on “A not so minimal minimalist lifestyle”

  1. Oh my goodness the sleeper sofa is such a good idea!! My kids have the master in our campus apartment lol, because my husband and I only have a two bedroom. Your home is so cute and comfy! Great job!!!


  2. Thank you Stacy! I have had so many people give me such funny looks when I have talked about this idea. But they just don't get Seminary housing! LOL. I think technically based on room size the kids have the “master bedroom” but we make it work. :)Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the internet!


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