Raising Up Men and Women of Honor

Raising children is hard. I don’t think that anyone out there would argue that point. At some time in life these little people decide they want to be independent and make their own choices and decisions. And they want to test boundaries and they want to take risks.

As a parent we want the absolute best for our kids. Letting them test the boundaries and take the risks and become independent is not always the easy thing to do. But at some point we have to let them.

Recently, I started listening to more podcasts and watching less TV. However, I was at a loss on where to look. Luckily, the blogosphere did not disappoint and I was introduced to a number of wonderful podcasts when I asked what to look for.

One of the ones that I have fallen in love with is The God Centered Mom Podcast. She is a mom of young boys and I just love listening to her and the individuals she interviews share great tips and tricks for all things parenting while keeping things centered on God and not on the chaos that is all around us.

In a recent episode she interviewed Emerson Eggerichs, author of the book Love and Respect. He has just put out a book titled “Mother & Son: The Respect Effect” and in this book he talks about how just as a grown man craves and desires respect so do our young boys. It is in those early ages that our boys really start yearning to be respected just as much as they need to be loved, especially by their mothers.

During the podcast Heather MacFadyen (the God-centered Mom) and Emerson discussed how to really instill this respect talk into your relationship with your sons. Heather mentioned that while parenting her boys, especially when it comes to discipline, she asks them if they want to be men of honor and how can they go about striving for that.

I really started thinking about this concept so I did a little bit of digging to find out just what she was trying to say to her boys.

Honor is defined as “esteem, value, or great respect” 

I looked through the Bible to find where God talks about honor

1) Show honor to receive honor. Ephesians 20:12

2) Know God’s commandments and put them into practice.  Psalm 119:9-19

3) Set an example of how to live for the Lord no matter how old you are. 1 Timothy 4:12

4) Say what you mean and be true to your word. James 5:12

Over the past few days I have been putting that into practice with my own son who will be 6 in just a few days. The difference in how he responds is outstanding. He is striving to be the young man I am raising him to be. By simply sharing that I have a respect for him as a person, and that I know he desires to be an honorable warrior but he just needs to redirect his actions to do that he is a completely different child. The desire he has to be an honorable man, a man that is respected is shining through with each passing day. 
However, the more I thought about this the more I realized that while my son is striving to become a man of honor I also have a daughter that needs to grow and thrive. She needs the tools to become a woman of honor as well. And all of the principles above apply to girls as much as they do boys. And while my son will grow to be a warrior my daughter will grow to be a woman of grace.A woman who will be praised just as the woman described in Proverbs 31:10-31.
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Photo credit: Young Wifes Guide

Are you raising men and women of honor? How do you work to instill these values in your children?


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