Making Over My Mornings Day 12: Simplifying the Decision Making Process

Day 12, just 2 more days left of this course in making over my mornings. I know I keep saying it but I have really been enjoying getting things into a better rhythm around my home.

Today’s lesson was focused on finding a few areas in my life that I could simplify by creating routines. Crystal discussed how we all make what seems like a million decisions each and every day. Her suggestion to limit the number of mundane decision that must be made is to limit them.

For me one of the areas I simplify in this area is to meal plan and prep.

I do my meal prepping for 2 weeks at a time. I start with digging through my mountain of cookbooks

Then I write out my menu and my shopping list. From there it is off to the grocery store. This week I had a little helper do the shopping with me.

This is where some AWESOME Thirty One product placement
should be BUT all my totes were in San Antonio being used.

Once I get home with all my goodies I begin to work. Most people have a system of chopping of the veggies, slicing the meat and things of that nature.

I prefer to prep one meal at a time. That is how I can keep it all straight.

I lay all the ingredients out on the counter. I then write the meal on a Ziploc bag. It makes it easier to know whats hiding in my tiny freezer.

From there I assemble all the ingredients. Sometimes recipes require that I separate the ingredients and for that I put them in individual baggies then into the big baggie.

Once its all said and done my freezer is stocked and ready for the next two week.

The last step is writing out the menu for the 2 weeks on the menu board so that the whole family knows what we will be eating on any given day. 
This is one of the ways that I reduce a need for decision making. All the major decisions have been made ahead of time. 
One of the othe ways I have limited my need for decision making is by making a chore chart for me and my family. Each one of us has a room assigned with on free week. This way everyone knows what they are supposed to do. I have check lists made out for each room so they know what is expected to accomplish by the end of the week. 
So these are the few things I am doing to cut down on the number of decisions that I have to make throughout the day. 
The end of the lesson Crystal talked about setting a goal to continue on the path of making over each and every day.

So the goals that I have set myself  are that if I continue to follow through with my morning routine and my evening routine for the month of February I will treat myself to a mani/pedi Something I haven’t had in AGES.

And if I stay consistent with my workout and nutrition plan for the month I will reward myself with new pants. So far I have been doing pretty well. But its only day one!

What routines do you have to make daily life a bit more simple? Do you reward your self for keeping up with routines? Let me know!


2 thoughts on “Making Over My Mornings Day 12: Simplifying the Decision Making Process”

  1. Hi there! I just wanted to say hi as I was reading over some of your blogs! I stumbled over you looking for some other seminary wives to follow 🙂 My family and I just began our journey at seminary (on the other side of the country as you guys lol!) so I thought I would find some other ladies who were a little more seasoned lol! Nice to find your blog and I hope you don't mind my following! I blog over at 🙂 Although I haven't even started blogging again since we actually got settled at school lol! Anyway, nice to meet you! 🙂 praying for you guys and looking forward to following your journey! A lot of things you've posted about are heavy on my mind and heart lately! I've enjoyed it!


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