Finding Direction

When I decided to begin my Master’s degree it was mostly out of excitement. I love learning. I love being in the classroom. I was even more excited because the degree program I entered is centered around homemaking. Something I am obviously very interested.

However, I never really gave much thought to what I would do with this when I actually finished. But now that I have jumped in with both feet I realized I needed to find some type of direction for where my education was going to take me.

I sat down with the director of my program on Monday and we had a lovely conversation about just that. The question that she asked me was “What does Elizabeth Marshall want to be known for?”

As we talked we realized that women today are being given load of theology on why the Bible says it is their job to be “the keeper of the home.” The problem is that they aren’t being given the skills to do so.

When we decided to come to seminary it was because Dusty felt that the one thing sorely lacking in ministry and church is active and engaged men. He truly feels that once you get the men engaged in church, really enjoying being there participating and learning then the wives and children will follow suit. He also believes that with the more engaged me that become engaged in church the more they will they will be engaged in leading their homes and families.

The hope is that as men begin to actively lead their families and their homes they will be helping for their wives to see the value they hold as keepers of the home.

Providing the tools for those women is going to be the goal for my degree. Teaching them what I so love to learn.

Stay tuned as I continue on this journey. //


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