Embracing the Adventure

Last month my sister invited me to a party. This wasn’t a birthday party or a graduation party. It wasn’t even a party that I had to leave my home to attend.

It was a Thirty-One Gifts Facebook Party.

Thirty-One Gifts is a direct sales, party planning company. They specialize in bags, purses, home and office organization, totes and thermals.

It is a Christian biblically based company. In fact, the name Thirty-One actually comes from Proverbs 31 where it talks about the virtuous woman.

Well, at this party (that I only half way participated in because I was in class for the beginning of it) I began to talk to the consultant about what her job was and how much she liked it. I also looked at a lot of the products that were being offered.

I have heard of and seen these products before, but I must confess I have never owned any. I actually had never even been to a Thirty One party until then. But I immediately fell IN LOVE with the usefulness of the product.

That is one thing about me. I want things to have a purpose. I want things (and people for that matter) to be useful. I come from a long line of work-aholics so its just something that is built into my DNA I guess.

After discussing it with Dusty and figuring out if we had the money for me to do so (which I did because my wonderful Mother-in-Law sent me some money for mother’s day) I made the decision to become a Thirty One Independent Consultant myself.

I chose the turquoise kit!

I enrolled on May 15th

I got my enrollment kit on May 20th

And I held my first in home party on May 24th! It was a blast. I really enjoyed talking with everyone and showing of such an amazing product.

So the theme for the summer catalog is “Embrace the Adventure” and I have decided I am going to do just that. There are a lot of different directions that a person can go with a business like this and I plan to go straight to the top. Ok…..well….maybe not that far. At least not yet. But I do plan to succeed.

If you are interested in what this whole thing might be about go ahead and pop on over to my website and check it out:


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