Mommy delusions

Blood-curddling, nails on a chalk board, gouge your eyes out screaming
That’s the sound I hear every time I even think about walking out of the room while RaeLynn, who generally appears to be lost in her own little world, is in the same room as me.
Its as if she has some internak radar that goea if when I think to my self “I’ll just go put this laundry away real quick.”
HA! Ya right!
When this first started I wanted to beat my head against the wall. Who,  am I kidding, I still do. In sync with the screams. We could make beautiful music together…..or maybe not.
But then today, as I slowly walked down the stairs praying it would just end already, I started thinking maybe I am just the best mom ever!  Maybe I’m just so awesome that my beautiful babies just can’t stand to be away from me.
Then again it could be that she really hates it when the attention isn’t on her……
I think I’m going to live in my happy delusion and go with the first option.  Ya,  that will work.

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