A New Begining

I have memeories of being a small child but I don’t have many. Mostly, I remember from about 3rd grade on. Thats when we moved to Cloudcroft, New Mexico. A small town in the mountians. I mean really small. There were about 200 kids in the entire school district. Thats K-12. Like I said, small. But we liked it that way. Everyone knew everyone else. It was the classic case of “it takes a village” Everyone was like family in one way or another.

So there I was for 10 years of my life. 3rd grade until I graduated. Friendships were made, friendships were lost, life went on as usual. And then I graduated from high school. While most  of my graduating class of 48 students went on to University of New Mexico or New Mexico State University I went a different direction. I choose the College of the Southwest (now known as the Universtiy of the Southwest), in Hobbs, New Mexico. Well, I went to a branch school in Carlsbad first, then on to Hobbs. It was there that I met my best friend, my husband, and many other people that would inpact my life and be a part of it even today. College for 4 years, then my first home with my husband for 4 more.

A total 18 years + 8 more that are basically unaccounted for. Thats 26 years of familar New Mexico life. A life close to my family who I am really attached to. And its about to all change. I’m moving to Texas.

Ok, so I know your thinking, Texas, thats like right next to New Mexico right? Well, ya it is but still its like 10 hours away from my family which is something I’m having to come to grips with. And its HUMID. I mean like, need a shower the minute you step out the front door, humid. At least it is to me. I’m so used to this dry heat. But I guess I will survive.

Why the move? Well, my wonderful husband is going back to school. He is going to be getting his master’s degree. I’m so increadably proud of him for taking this step. I just know that he will be much happier about things once this journey starts. A Master of Divinty. Which is basically just training to go into the ministry again. Yep, again. We tried it once with no training and guidance and well, we will just say it didn’t work out so well. So we are going to try it again. This time with some proper training under the belt.

So, here I go. On to new beginings. I’m hoping that with this new journey I will also be able to become a new me. I am working on the outter me as well as the inner. I have started with daily exercising and watching what I eat. Calorie counting has always worked for me so thats what I’m doing.  As soon as we get moved completely and I get setteled I plan to start the couch to 5K program. I want to train myself up to run a 5k, and eventually I would like to work up to at least a half marathon if not a full one. 

As for the inner me, well, I haven’t exactally figured out that one yet. I know I need to look into a new Bible study. One that I can really get into. I have several that I have started and gotten part way through then fizzle out on. But I know I will find one that works for me eventually.

I am also working on being a better, more engaged parent to my 2 beautiful children. Collin and RaeLynn are the light of my life and I want to spend as much time with them as I possibly can. Collin is just so smart. I look forward to having the oppertunity to take him to bigger and better places where he can continue to learn and grow.  And I just know that RaeLynn is going to be the same way. She is already so smart at 2 months old already holding her head up and she is constantly alert.

Lastly, I’m working on my relationships. My relationship with my husband as well as the one’s with my friends. I am working on becoming a better wife. A more attentive wife. I know Dusty will say that I do just fine but I don’t always feel that way. And I need friends. I mean, I have friends, but I need people I know I can talk to. I’m looking into MOPS groups in the area but I’m just not sure if I will be able to make myself go. That, I guess, is just a bridge I will have go cross when I get there.

So those are my goals for my new begining. Wish me luck!


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