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My Favorite Holiday Treats

My Favorite Holiday TreatsIt is no secret that I have a HUGE sweet tooth. From Halloween to Valentines day I think I consume more treats than I do any form of nutritious food. I am fully aware that this is not the healthiest way to survive but sometimes you just gotta indulge in life. Christmas is a season full of smells and flavors that I just love. It is the bright spot in the dim and dreary season of darkness and cold that defines the winter season.

While there are a lot of options out there and a lot of different preferences here are some of my favorite holiday treats.


gingerbread houseI think gingerbread cookies and ginger bread houses are a staple for the season. The spicy ginger flavor warms you from the inside out. Top that off with the fun bright colors of the candy accents on the gingerbread houses and the sweet faces on the gingerbread men and women cookies what’s not to love?

Sugar Cookies

sugar cookiesAnother classic staple that I LOVE during the holiday season are sugar cookies. While I think these cookies are a year round necessity in my sweet tooth life there is just something about the holiday season. The shapes and fun ways to flavor the cookies topped with that sweet royal icing I generally just can’t get enough.

Pistachio Brittle

pistacho brittleMost people are very aware of the classic peanut brittle. Whole raw peanuts encased in candy and broken into bit sized pieces. However, living in the pistachio capital means we do things a little bit different. Here we like to indulge in pistachio brittle. The same wonderful brittle but with whole raw pistachios in place of the peanuts. I haven’t had any yet this season but it is coming! Just wait until payday!

Homemade Fudge

fudge butterscotchMy mom and grandmother have always made the BEST fudge during the holiday season. As much as I love the unique flavors of fudge you can get throughout the country there is just something about that homemade goodness. We indulge in the traditional flavors of chocolate (sometimes with nuts, sometimes without) but the one that is always my favorite is the butterscotch that my mom makes.


divinityLastly, is a favorite that we just don’t get very often even during the holiday season. Divinity is one of those tricky treats that has to have the weather be just right if it’s going to turn out correctly. That also means that we have to have a flexible enough schedule that when the weather is cooperating we can drop everything and get busy in the kitchen. Still, I look forward to this sweet treat whenever we get a chance to make it.

Ok, so there are probably a zillion more things I could include in this list, these are the few that I look forward to the most. So let me know! What are your favorite holiday treats? Are you more of a store bought or homemade type treat eater? This sweet treat lover needs to KNOW!!

See you all tomorrow!!



1 thought on “My Favorite Holiday Treats”

  1. Yum! Now I’m hungry. My husband makes monkey bread with homemade dough every Christmas morning. It’s cinnamon-y and gooey and so delicious! I want to be a sugar cookie maker but I struggle with rolling out dough (I know, it’s weird), so I’m never very consistent. And I’m not a good decorator, so I’m always disappointed with my finished results!


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